Occupational Therapist

We are looking for an Occupational Therapist to join our team.

If you are passionate about your work, want to become a successful and effective professional and be part of a team that work together to make a real difference in the life of every single client, we look forward for your application!

This position provides a unique opportunity for certified Occupational Therapist, with or without experience, who are interested to work with children with developmental disabilities.

We provide extensive free training on effective therapeutic strategies and ongoing clinical supervision to each member of our team.

You will works with a limited number of children and closely cooperate with our clinical team in designing each child program.

Position Main Characteristics

  • Monday to Friday (Saturday and Sunday off);
  • Limited caseload;
  • Extensive, initial and ongoing, free, certified training;
  • Weekly individual supervision is provided;
  • Real possibility for professional growth.


  • Lulusan D3 dari Jurusan Terapi Okupasi;
  • High motivation to learn;
  • Passion to work and interact with children;
  • Mau berkembang secara profesional dan berkarir dalam bidang perkembangan anak.
  • Basic English;

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