Food refusal in children, when to ask professional help.

Many children to go through a phase of food refusal. Some children refuse foods based on certain sensory qualities (such as texture, taste, or temperature), others refuse to taste new food and only accept a very limited range of foods.

What you can do :

  • Expose your child to the disliked food: Repeatedly offering (without coercion) the disliked food can increase willingness to taste and liking for the food.
  • Take your time: Keep representing the food. Sometimes more than 20 times are necessary to increase familiarity of the food and start seeing positive changes.
  • Mix and match: Present the food cooked in different ways. Start with small quantities of the food, possibly in combination with other highly favorite ingredients.
  • Reward and praise your child when you observe positive changes (even if minimal).
When to ask for professional help?
If refusing food has become a chronic habit for your child and if it causes weight loss, delayed growth or need for supplements it is necessary to request professional help.
If you need help contact us without delay.
Our success rate is extremely high. All our children make progress and most show significant improvement within the first weeks of treatment.

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