All our Trainee Therapists are:
Qualified from the best Universities and Institution
We only accept candidates from the best Universities with a minimum of a bachelor degree in Psychology or a D3 in Occupational Therapy or Speech Therapy.

Selected through a multistage selection process
As a leading provider of intervention for children we receive tens of job applications every month. Every suitable candidates goes through a rigorous selection process, with only 14% of interviewed candidates receiving at the end a job offer. We look only for the most brilliant, emotionally and socially intelligent, motivated individuals who wants to learn and succeed in making a different in people life.
Reference Checked
Every job offer is conditioned to a clear reference check.
Intensively Trained in Evidence Based Therapeutic Strategies
We are one of the few providers in Indonesia to offer to each therapist a Certified Training Program approved by the BACB®. With weekly meeting for 2 months, the training covers a wide range of behavioral and developmental strategies that have a proven efficacy in the treatment of developmental disorders. Every trainee therapist also receives 10 session of onsite training from a therapist with extensive experience at Joyin.
Closely Supervised by Licensed Professional
Close individual supervision of each therapist assure quality and integrity of the intervention. With synchronous or asynchronous individual supervision, each therapist receive ongoing weekly support from our licensed clinical team. Therapists also attend a weekly supervision / training team meeting.
Supported by Our Clinical Team
Every child at Joyin has an individualized curriculum. Every program and strategy that therapists implement during the session is planned and designed in advance by our clinical team accordingly to the child’s needs.
14% of all applicants pass the selection process
25Hours of Training in the first month
7Hours of supervision per month


Training therapists and parents to implement always new and more effective therapeutic strategies is what we do at Joyin

The training package for trainee therapist is based on the Behavioral Skills Training (BST) model and involves a combination of  instruction, role play, video-modeling, rehearsal, and feedback.

Training is delivered in different formats: 1 on 1 onsite during the session, remotely synchronously (during the session) or asynchronously (with video recording), in group and individual settings.

The whole training is delivered under the direction of the Clinical Director by experienced therapist and licensed professionals.

Onsite Training

Hands-on training delivered by one of Joyin experienced therapist at the client’s house. The training is focus on the acquisition of relational style and the basic therapeutic strategies. In the first month a minimum of 10 onsite training sessions are delivered.

Theory Training

Certified Training for Therapists designed accordingly to the requirements of the BACB®. The training integrate in a behavior analytical framework developmental and behavioral strategies to offer the therapist a wide range of effective therapeutic methods. Conducted weekly for 2 months.

Remote Supervision

Synchronous (live) or asynchronous (with review of videos from the session) are delivered by a licensed member of the clinical team. Supervision is delivered twice per week on the first month and once per week from the second month onwards.

Group Supervision

Lead by a licensed member of our clinical team, group supervision allows therapists to share and discuss with their team any problem they may encounter in their clinical work. Group Supervision starts on the second month and run weekly.

Timeline of first 8 weeks of Training and Supervision


Automated Data Management and Reporting
Our Therapists do not waste any time in paperwork, they have access to an automated system of data and knowledge management that allows them to quickly find and organize data and information, and seamlessly collaborate across our team.
Teaching Resources
Therapist can access to a database of resources that make their work more effective and efficient: teaching materials, learning activities and data sheets.
Research & Development
We invest a lot of time and research to continuously research and develop always more effective therapeutic strategies, this assure that our approach is always in line with the best international standard.
Clinical Experience
Our Clinical Team support each therapist providing continuous guidance based on many years of international experience in the treatment of children with socio-communication disorders.
Every child goes through a curriculum-based assessment at the beginning of the intervention. The result of this assessment allows to individualized the child’s program.


How long will take for the trainee to deliver an effective program for my child?

With onsite and remote supervision, we will make sure that the program is beneficial from day one. Training and support from clinical team help trainees to become very effective in just a few weeks.

Isn't it better for me to wait for an experience therapist?

If you do not have a qualified therapist ready to start, we strongly suggest you to start with a trainee. If you have an experience therapist, we suggest you to evaluate what experience and training the therapist had and what supervision and clinical direction the therapist did and will receive. Inexperience make a difference only in the first few months of work. Training, ongoing supervision, effective therapeutic approach make a long term impact.

Selection rate

  • Only 14% of all candidates receive a job offer
  • 86% Do not pass our selection process

Training Provision per week

  • Onsite Training: 1 on 1, hands-on, training from an experienced Therapist at the client's house (minimum of 10 sessions in the first month)
  • Supervision: synchronous and asynchronous remote supervision from licensed Professional (8 sessions in the first month, 4 sessions from the second month onwards)
  • Theory Training: training on the theoretical bases of behavioral developmental interventions (weekly for 2 months)
  • Group Training (4 session per month, starting the second month)