Speech Therapy for Children with Speech Delay

At Joyin we are specialized in early communication interventions for children who are late in their speech production.

The intervention is designed to help children to produce more frequent and more complex communication in the form of gestures, sounds and words. The intervention is individualized to each child and is appropriate for children ranging from prelinguistic to those with emerging language


The intervention is intended for:

  • children with speech delay
  • children with generalized developmental delays
  • children with or at risk or Autism


We adopt a naturalistic, relation-based intervention that uses child initiations and natural interactions as opportunities to develop speech and language.

Research shows that naturalistic approaches to speech delays are more effective in generating functional and generalized communication when compared with drill-practice methods, where the child is taught language outside of its relational and pragmatic context (for example at the table using flashcards, see Yoder, Kaiser et Alpert, l991, Kaiser, Yoder, et al,1996).
The therapeutic approach we implement has shown evidence of efficacy in:

  • Developing child intentional communication, sound and word production (Scherer & Kaiser, 2010; Roberts & Kaiser, 2012; Kaiser & Roberts, 2012);
  • Increasing child frequency and complexity of communication (Warren et al, 1994; Kaiser et al, l993)
  • Generalizing communicative targets across settings and people (Kaiser & Roberts , 2012).

Areas of intervention and strategies

The contemporary scientific view on language acquisition recognizes the importance of prelinguistic interactions as a foundation for spoken word production. Consequently, it is crucial for clinical treatments for speech delay to adopt a comprehensive approach to facilitate the acquisition of prerequisite and related skills that are essential to the development of spoken communication.

The strategies implemented in our interventions (see figure) aim to:

  • Increase duration and quality of social engagement with others
  • Develop age appropriate functional and symbolic play
  • Increase frequency of imitation
  • Increase comprehension and production of prelinguistic and linguistic communication

Service Delivery Model

We adopt a tiered service-delivery model in which a therapist implement the program designed and supervised by our Clinical Team, composed by licensed and qualified practitioners with many years of experience in the field. All our Therapists have completed our certified therapist course and have a minimum of a Bachelor Degree in Psychology or related fields.

  • The Clinical Team is responsible for all aspects of clinical direction, supervision, and case management. Their primary contribution is designing the treatment program and determine the therapeutic targets and strategies.
  • The Therapist delivers directly the therapy session to the child, implement the program and strategies as designed by the clinical team and is responsible for collecting data and clinical compiling at the end of each session.

This service delivered model assures the efficient use of human resources that allows to deliver high quality intervention at affordable cost for the client.


Terima kasih sudah buka jalan buat anak saya untuk bicara. Anak saya sekarang kosa katanya sudah 100lebih, dan sudah dinyatakan “normal” oleh dokter.

PARENT of  30-months-old with diagnosis of ASD


Karena anak saya cocok banget waktu di Joyin. Perkembangannya cepat

PARENT of 3-years-old with Speech Delay

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